Advanced Nitrox Course

The Advanced Nitrox Course qualifies divers to dive on enriched air gas mixes from 21-100 %, making this an ideal diving course for any diver wishing to extend their time underwater.

Are you a scientific diver who needs more time to collect specimens, or do you love wreck diving and wish to have more time to explore your favourite site? If so then becoming an Advanced Nitrox Diver is the best option for you.

Whatever your preference this first step into Tech diving will provide you with the skills and knowledge to spend longer underwater doing what you enjoy.

Advanced Nitrox Course Description

Building upon your knowledge and understanding of diving with enriched air gas mixes that you will have learned during your Nitrox Diver Course, our instructors will take you to the next level, so you can dive deeper and for longer.

The Advanced Nitrox course covers knowledge development, practical training sessions and open water tech dives with gas mixes of above 40% oxygen.

Knowledge development topics include:-

  • Physics and physiology of diving EANx above 40% o2
  • Dive planning, gas mixes and dive tables, dive computers and limitations
  • Equipment considerations for Tech Diving

Throughout the course you should exhibit mature and sound judegment in relation to dive planning and exectution. By the end of the course your instructor will  also expect you to be able to demonstrate a range of skills which include:-

  • Buoyancy control, hovering in a fixed position
  • Correct body positioning, trim and strealining
  • Buddy awareness and communication
  • Management of a Free Flow situation and switch to back up
  • Appropriate response and action to an out of air situation
  • Safety stop with neutral buoyancy
  • Proper stress analysis and managementUpon successful completion of the course requirements, skills demonstration and written examination you will qualify as an Advanced Nitrox Diver allowing you to dive independently of your instructor using EAN 21 to 100%.

Advanced Nitrox Diver Prerequisites

Minimum Age 15 years (with parental consent)

Nitrox Diver

25 Logged Open Water Dives, or more

Advanced Nitrox Diver Price – On Request