SS1 Alternate Air Source


The SS1 Alternate Airsource from Atomic Aquatics, breathes just like a primary! The SS1 delivers high flow rates to a diver at depth with a minimum of effort. It is very stable and not prone to unnecessary free-flow or leakage from water movement while swimming or during entries/exits. The inflator/deflator is easy to operate with soft surfaced buttons placed where they can be easily operated with one hand. The SS1 is constructed of quality materials not found in any other safe second on the market. The quick disconnect coupling, regulator valve body, and inflation and deflation stems are machined from type 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium to avoid corrosion that would eventually seize components or degrade performance and function. The regulator orifice and lever are Titanium for maximum strength and reliability.

  • High-Flow LP Hose & Disconnect
  • Multi-Configuration Adaptability
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Low-Profile Elliptical Design
  • Unique & Convenient BCD Quick-Disconnect System
  • Atomic Patented Seat Saving Orifice
  • Titanium Lever
  • Integrated Purge Cover
  • 2-Year / 300 Dive Service Interval
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty