Decompression Procedures Course

Go beyond the limits of recreational diving with a Decompression Procedures Course led by the experienced professionals at Feet First Dive Nelson Bay.

This course is ideal for advanced divers wishing to extend their no-decompression limits (NDLs) and gain longer bottom time for doing what you enjoy most underwater. By learning how to make planned decompression stops, you can safely dive to 45m and combined with an Advanced Nitrox Course you will be well on your way to achieving the foundation for future tech diving experiences.

Deco-Procedures Course Description

Through knowledge development, in-water skills practice and supervised open water dives our instructors will guide you through this intensive and challenging deco-procedures course to ensure you attain the necessary experience to conduct your own decompression diving activities.

This course covers the following topics:-

  • Decompression dive planning, gas mixes, tables and contingencies
  • Equipment consideration, selection and pre dive checks
  • How to follow a deco-schedule
  • Gas switches
  • Team awareness and communication
  • SMB/Lift bag deployment
  • Buoyancy control, trim and body positioning
  • Finning techniques
  • Emergency procedures, including gas loss and omitted deco stop

Throughout the course your instructor will expect you to exhibit mature and sound judgement when planning and carrying out all decompression dives.

Upon successful completion of the open water requirements and written exam you will qualify as a Decompression Diver, allowing you to safely participate in deco-diving activities within similar conditions to your training environment.

Decompression Divers, with Advanced Nitrox qualification may also enroll in the Extended Range Tech Diving Course

Deco-Procedures Course Prerequisites

Minimum Age 18 Years

Certified as Advanced Diver

25 Logged Open Waters, or more

Deco-Procedures Course Price on Request