Extended Range Course

The Extended Range Course provides divers with the necessary training and experience to safely dive to depths of 55m utilising compressed air, enriched air and oxygen for decompression stops.

Choose the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Feet First Dive Nelson Bay to take you on this journey into the deeper realms of Tech Diving. During an extended range course with us, you will gain a broader knowledge and experience of technical diving whilst diving some of the most spectacular sites within the Port Stephens and Great Lakes Marine Park, including the wreck of the SS Macleay.

Extended Range Course Description

During this Extended Range course you will learn the correct techniques for utilising compressed air as a breathing gas, whilst buildng upon the knowledge and experienced gained during your Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures courses.

You will receive indepth instruction on:-

  • Physics and Physiology of deep air diving
  • Decompression options, gas choices for the dive
  • Equipment considerations
  • Dive planning, operation, team and emergency contingencies
  • Descent and Ascent considerations
  • Navigation and general dive procedures

The course is both intensive and challenging, so being both physically fit and mentally prepared is essential to achieving success. You and your instructor will be diving to a maximum depth of 55m during your training dives, on which you will need to successfully master and demonstrate the following skills and procedures:-

  • Gas matching procedures
  • Buddy and team awareness, including correct communications
  • Management of 2 stage cylinders
  • Proper execution of the planned dive, with pre-determined limits
  • Perform gas switches at depth
  • Perform switching and isolating a malfunctioning regulator using the correct technique
  • Deployment of lift bag and use as back-up buoyancy device
  • Make an air-sharing ascent both as recipent and donor, whilst one of the buddy team is without a mask
  • Demonstrate a lateral tired diver tow of 30m, both on the surface and underwater
  • Tow a simulated unconscious diver for 9m whilst at depth
  • Simulate an emergency rescue ascent
  • Create an in-water contingency decompression schedule
  • Mask removal and replacement, use of back up mask
  • Horizontal breath-hold swim of 15m, whilst at depth with mask off/blacked out mask
  • Demonstrate proper navigational techniques

To qualify as an Extended Range Diver, you will also need a pass rate of 80% or above on the written examination. It is expected that you also demonstrate mature and sound judgement throughout this course and as you continue with technical diving. Extended Range Divers may continue their tech diving education by enrolling in the Trimix and Advanced Trimix courses.

Extended Range Diver Prerequisites

Minimum Age 18 Years

Certified Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diver

100 Logged Open Water Dives, 25 of which must be deeper than 30m

Extended Range Course Price – On Request