Open Water Course

Take the plunge into the enticing underwater realm with an open water course from the experienced professionals at Feet First Dive Nelson Bay. In just 2 days you can become a certified diver, qualifying you to dive to 18m with your buddy, anywhere in the world!

Learning to scuba dive is a fun, rewarding and challenging experience, and dare we say it once you start you’ll most certainly be hooked! This is a fun sport that can take you anywhere underwater. Whether you continue diving in and around Port Stephens or you prefer to travel abroad for a different diving experience, our Open Water Course will set you on your way.

The diving instructors at Feet First Dive will not only teach you how to dive, but ensure you finish this beginner course with the skills and abilities to dive safely and enjoy your time underwater. Our onsite pool provides an ideal environment for your skills training and the calm waters of Nelson Bay will give you a perfect taste of the delights that await you as a scuba diver.

Are you ready to start this adventure?

Open Water Course Description

An open water course with Feet First Dive involves 3 sections; knowledge development, skills training and open water dives.

  • Self Study Online
  • Shallow Water Skills Practice and Mastery
  • 4 x Open Water Dives, max depth 18m

Begin learning at home at your leisure with our online academics then come along to the Feet First Dive centre where your instructor will review knowledge and give short tests so you can demonstrate your understanding before taking the final exam.

Skills training will be conducted in 2 sessions. Our instructors explain and demonstrate how to perform the skills necessary to become a certified diver. These skills range from simply breathing through your regulator to clearing your mask and controlling your buoyancy underwater. You will practice each skill in shallow water, progressively moving to deeper water, until you have competently mastered each in turn.

Open water dives make up the final portion of this beginner diving course. This is where the real fun begins! Your instructor will accompany you on 4 training dives in the ocean, to a maximum depth of 18m giving you time to tour the reef and begin seeing some of the fabulous marine creatures that Nelson Bay has to offer. During each dive you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to perform several of the pre-practiced and mastered skills.

This is a performance based course, when you have met all of the requirements to your instructors satisfaction you will receive the Open Water Diver certification.

Open Water Course Pre-requisites

Minimum age 10 years for Junior OW Diver

Minimum age 15 years (with parental consent)

Open Water Course Price – $399