Rebreather Course

A Semi-Closed or Closed Circuit Rebreather Course is your first step into enjoying a truly quiet dive experience. This is an ideal dive course for those wishing to advance their diving skills, extend bottom time or simply looking to get closer to marine life. No bubbles, no Darth Vader style over breathing to scare the fish away and your gases last longer as each breath is fully recycled.

At Feet First Dive we teach both SSI and TDI courses on the Poseidon MKVI and MKSeven, and TDI courses on the Hollis Explorer.

Closed and Semi-Closed Rebreather Courses

Feet First Dive Nelson Bay is the only 5* TDI Facility within Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, ensuring you receive top quality instruction from experienced professionals. We provide rebreather diver training on several units including Hollis and Poseidon, and are qualified service technicians.

Our Rebreather Course covers knowledge development, practical training session and open water dives. These sessions cover a range of topics designed to build understanding of the differences to open circuit scuba diving and giving you hands-on experience. These topics include:-

  • Practical mechanics of the system, design and maintenance
  • Unit build up, breakdown and cleaning
  • Dive Tables and Dive Planning, how to work with Dive Computers
  • Predive Checks, Contents and Gas analysis
  • Buoyancy management, Depth stops and Safety stop demonstration
  • Emergency procedures

For each dive you will be accompanied by our rebreather instructors to depths deeper than 9m and but not exceeding 30m. At least 2 dives will be deeper than 20m and 1 dive deeper than 27m, ensuring you practical training at depth whilst under experienced supervision.

A final exam needs to be completed with a minimum score of 80%

Upon rebreather course completion you will be able to dive on a rebreather unit to a maximum depth of 30m without direct supervision.

Rebreather Course Prerequsites

Minimum Age 18 years

Proof of 20 logged Open Water Dives

Be a Nitrox Diver

Rebreather Course Price – Unit dependent