Sidemount Course

A Sidemount Course is ideal for any diver looking to configure their cylinders in a new way. For years scuba divers have held tanks on their backs but now we have greater flexibility and more options for streamlining whilst scuba diving.

Sidemount configuration is known to reduce the lower back strain which frequent scuba divers can suffer from. It also provides redundant gas supply whilst giving the diver the ability to easily check his or her equipment.

Sidemount Diver Course Description

A Sidemount Course with Feet First Dive Nelson Bay covers knowledge development, a practical training session and 3 open water dives. With self-study prior to the practical course commencement, you can be well on your way to sidemount diving in just 2 days.

During this course your instructor will teach you how to assemble and configure your sidemount equipment, as well as trim your weight system for streamlining and perfect buoyancy.  After practice during the open water dives, you should be able to demonstrate buoyancy control and maintain a safety stop, aswell as demonstrate the ability to attach cylinders both on the surface and at depth.

In practical in-water sessions you will learn correct entry techniques for both boat and shore diving along with problem solving skills specific to sidemount diving, which include gas sharing and switching second stages. Your instructor will expect to see that you are able to plan a dive and not exceed any planned depth or time limits. You will also monitor your depth, time and air consumption to allow for continued dive planning as you become proficient at sidemount diving.

Upon successful completion of the Sidemount Course you will be allowed to independently engage in sidemount diving activities, to a maximum depth as per your current diver qualification (OW 18m/ AOW 30m / Deep Diver 40m).

The Sidemount specialty also counts towards an Advanced Diver Course or Master Diver qualification.

Sidemount Course Prerequisites

Minimum Age 15 years (with parental consent)

Be certified Open Water Diver

Sidemount Course Price – $