Speciality Dive Courses

Join our experienced instructors for a wide range of speciality dive courses and discover more of what you love underwater. At Feet First Dive Nelson Bay we provide regular speciality diver training to suit your preferences. Learn to dive deeper, become an expert underwater navigator, experience night and limited visibility diving or explore the wrecks in and around Port Stephens. Our 5* SDI/TDI facility has the best equipment and most experienced instructors to ensure you get the most from your next speciality dive course, contact us for more information on our next classes or to schedule your private training.

Deep Diver

Anyone wishing to dive longer and explore deeper will benefit from taking a Deep Diver Course with us. At Feet First Dive Nelson Bay we provide you with the necessary training to plan and execute dives which go beyond Open Water Diver or Advanced Diver level.  During the course you will learn both the benefits and the risks of deeper diving and upon completion will be able to dive to 40m, with a greater knowledge and awareness of deep diving.

Educational Topics include:-

  • History of Dive Tables and Computers
  • Specialist Equipment for Deep Diving
  • Physics and Physiology of Deep Diving
  • Emergency Procedures for Deep Diving and First Aid

Navigation Diver

Don’t get lost! Become a better underwater navigator with a speciality training course with our knowledgeable diving instructors. During the course you will learn how to navigate underwater using both compass navigation and natural cues from your environment. Did you know that the ripples on the sand bed can help you find your shore exit point? Well you will learn all this and more during the course.

Education Topics Include:-

  • The Aquatic Environment
  • Natural Navigation
  • Compass and Compass Use
  • Estimating Distance and Time
  • Performance of Different Navigation Patterns

Night Diver / Limited Viz Diver

Discover a new side to the underwater world with a Night Diver Speciality Course. Whilst diving at night we can experience different aquatic life and witness varying behaviours of the creatures we see during daylight hours. This course is designed to acquaint you with the procedures and techniques for diving safely at night or during limited visibility, covering everything from buoyancy control and specialist equipment to signalling procedures and buddy contact.

Education Topics Include:-

  • Special Night Diving Equipment
  • Navigation Considerations at Night
  • Buoyancy Control
  • Buddy Contact
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Underwater Environment and Nocturnal Life

Wreck Diver

Delve deeper into history with a Wreck Diver Course and explore the fabulous wrecks that Nelson Bay and the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park have to offer.  Through our courses you will learn how to navigate and map wrecks, whilst developing the techniques to safely penetrate and explore more of what they hold inside.

Educational Topics Include:-

  • Wreck Navigation, Charting and Mapping
  • Buddy System, Contact and Surface Support
  • Specialist Wreck Diving Equipment
  • Use of Lines and Reels
  • Disorientation and Limited Visibility Procedures
  • Safety Hazards and Emergency Procedures

At Feet First Dive we regularly run double tank boat dive trips to the SS Oakland.

Speciality Dive Courses Prerequisites

  • Minumum Age 18 (10 with parental consent*)
  • Open Water or Junior Open Water Diver
  • Deep Speciality Diver for participants of Wreck Diver Course

*For Wreck Diver Courses students aged below 15 can only take non-pentration segments of the course.

Speciality Dive Courses Prices – $275-399