Trimix Diver Course

Qualifying to dive Trimix through our Trimix Diver Course allows you push the depth boundaries and explore more. Discover new and exciting wrecks, explore cave systems or just enjoy the challenge of a new level of diving.

Your Decompression Diver course allowed you to go beyond recreational dive depths and during Extended Range you learned how to dive deeper with planned stops on air. However narcosis is always a factor when planning deeper dives, diving with trimix minimises the narcosis effect by replacing nitrogen and oxygen with inert helium.

The Trimix Diver Course enables divers to safely dive to 60m with enough bottom time for you to explore deeper sites or penetrate further into wrecks and caves.

Join the professional instructors at Feet First Dive Nelson Bay and continue your Tech Diving education at our 5* TDI facility. Gain experience and knowledge whilst diving the superb wrecks in and around Port Stephens. Trimix Divers will also be interested in our regular group travel dive trips to wreck diving hotspots – Vanuatu and Truk Lagoon.

Trimix Diver Course Description

During this Trimix Diver Course tech divers will expand and advance their technical diving knowledge and utilise skills mastered during the Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures courses.

Your instructor will teach you how to plan and execute dives to a maximum depth of 60m, utilising a blend of helium, with oxygen mix as low as 18% depending upon the planned maximum depths.

The course will cover the following topics:-

  • Advanced decompression dive planning
    • gas planning for different narcotic depths, absorption and elimination
    • decompression gas choices
    • use of dive computers and tables
    • emergency and contingency planning
  • Decompression diving procedures
    • equipment
    • predive checks and drills
    • stress analysis
    • decompression schedule
    • gas switching
    • team awareness and communication
    • deployment of smb/lift bag
  • Buoyancy, trim and finning techniques
  • Multiple decompression/stage cylinder management
  • Emergency procedures
    • equipment failures
    • gas loss
    • omitted decompression
    • navigational errors
    • injured / unconcious diver
  • Equipment considerations
    • blending procedures
    • gas anaylsis

Students who satisfactorily complete the written examination and all of the requirements of each open water training dive safely and efficiently will qualify as Trimix Divers, allowing them to dive independently to 60m using mixed gases.

All Tech Divers are expected to apply mature and sound judgement when planning and executing any dive beyond recreational dive limitations.

Trimix Course Prerequisites

Minimum Age 18 Years

Certified Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diver

100 Logged Open Water Dives

Trimix Diver Course Price – On Request