Elude Wetsuit – Pinnacle


The Elude Wetsuit from Pinnacle uses a high stretch open cell neoprene in the arms, legs and upper body reducing water movement and minimizing effort. Double nylon around the waist protects suit from weight belt abrasion and adds warmth to
the core.

  • 5mm jacket with attached hood and beavertail closure
  • 5mm long john with high stretch 3mm chest
  • Pinnacle’s exclusive brown and green camouflage pattern with
    unique brown sealed seams
  • Heavy duty loading pad centered on chest
  • Open cell interior seals to your body for a perfect fit
  • Face, wrist and ankle seals minimize water entry
  • Rugged double glued and blind stitched construction
  • Robust knee and elbow material for maximum durability
  • Excellent for spearfishing or free diving